Felissa Rose DOUBLE FEATURE! with special guest Dave Sheridan

By Art Sanctuary (other events)

Sat, Dec 17 2022 5:00 PM EDT Sun, Dec 18 2022 12:00 AM EDT

SLEEP AWAY CAMP and VICTOR CROWLEY double feature with stars Felissa Rose and Dave Sheridan.

Felissa and Dave have a night of fun planned for everyone.

Sleep Away Camp/ Victor Crowley DOUBLE FEATURE!
Live commentary to Sleepaway Camp.
A Film roll that encompasses almost every project that they have done together.
Meat the Carvers pilot episode


The DRINK AND MEET! $150.00
An UBER-VIP pass event. 20 very lucky guests get to kick back and enjoy an hour with Felissa and Dave while the Art Sanctuary bar supplies specialty cocktails created just for this event. This pass also includes front row seating and a quick pass to the photo-op area. One IN COSTUME PHOTO - OP photo is included in the Uber-VIP pass. PLUS each person gets one SPECIAL EVENT SIGNED PHOTO!

VIP PASSESS. $80.00 This guest pass gets you into the vendor/ artist area early and choice seating for the double feature.
AND includes ONE in costume photo-op purchase.


FELISSA ROSE Sleepaway Camp (Camp Arawak) costume photo-op $60

DAVE SHERIDAN Scary Movie as Doofy in costume photo-op. $60