Dead Of Night & The Dark Market feat. The Electric Exorcism Tour

By Art Sanctuary (other events)

Fri, Oct 27 2023 9:00 PM EDT Sat, Oct 28 2023 2:00 AM EDT

Radio Arcane presents: Dead Of Night & The Dark Market feat. The Electric Exorcism Tour

The Nightmare continues on Friday, October 27th as Dead Of Night & The Dark Market keep up the monthly grind of dark eclectic music. Come out and help keep the dancefloor barely alive as we celebrate the glum drudgery of our dreadful existence.

This month will feature:

Live performance by Curse Mackey, I Speak Machine and SINE

Radio Arcane Dark Music Specialists - TBA

Vending by the talented Dark Market

Food Truck - TBA

Drinks by the enchanting Lany StarDust


$10 Advanced

$15 Day of show


Curse Mackey, I Speak Machine and SINE combine forces for a nightclub themed tour called The ELECTRIC EXORCISM!

The ELECTRIC EXORCISM TOUR will launch on October 10th in Austin,Texas!
It is as much a show as a travelling themed club night fueled on heavy-duty beats, dark synths, sin and surrealism.

Curse Mackey speaks about how the tour came together:

“I just completed a stellar, sold-out West Coast tour with darkwave legends Clan of Xymox. We were determining my next wave of dates and working on remixes for my album Instant Exorcism when Rona Rougeheart (SINE) suggested we team up with I Speak Machine for the Electric Exorcism Tour.

SINE and I SPEAK MACHINE had already initiated some ideas for shows. SINE and CURSE MACKEY have already played some great shows together. I SPEAK MACHINE made me a fan when I saw them open for GARY NUMAN and IAMX, two of my faves. Thus, we stitched our circuitry together and will now cast our spell this fall by bringing the Electric Exorcism to our favorite clubs across the country. Everyone could use a little exorcism now and then!”

The Electric Exorcism will begin in Texas and include installations in New Orleans, Tampa, Chicago, Detroit, NYC and many strange(r) places in between - with more to come!

Curse Mackey (Austin, TX)

Curse Mackey is a unique, must-see live act. His sonic explorations, high energy performance and next level visuals translate powerfully to the stage where Curse reaches his most profound sonic apex.

Mackey recently released his second LP Immoral Emporium on Negative Gain in the US and Young + Cold in EU.

Curse Mackey’s IMMORAL EMPORIUM was recognized as “The #1 Industrial/EBM album of 2022” by leading genre publication SOUNDS AND SHADOWS.

Immoral Emporium pushes the boundaries of genre with a vast dynamic range, from a tortured whisper to a triumphant howl.

The first single, “Lacerations” is an engulfing electronic stomper with visceral vocalizations, menacing modular synth riffs and powerful electronic percussion.
The album moves into more upbeat synthpop territory with the earworm “Dead Fingers Talk,” The buildups are big, such as in “Omens And Monuments”, with monstrous synths that bring Immoral Emporium to a goosebump-inducing, cathartic end and leaves the listener looking forward to the future.

Based in Austin, TX, Curse Mackey is an electronic musician, producer, visual artist, producer, curator, a member of iconic industrial band Pigface and periodically My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. A founder of the notorious San Antonio industrial punk band Evil Mothers, Curse began his career as a DJ and underground event promoter. He also has two published books related to his art endeavors.

“Curse Mackey is everywhere in the electronic-industrial underground, an instant dance-floor classic!” - REVOLVER MAGAZINE

“The #1 Industrial / EBM album of 2022” - SOUNDS & SHADOWS
“This entire album has a cohesion and message that stands out in a current world of blips, clicks, and snippets as a classical work.” - OUTBURN MAGAZINE

Curse Mackey’s Instant Exorcism combines the twisted, dancey elements of industrial and the raw, melancholy emotion of post-punk into an amalgam which is perfect for both the dance floor and deep introspection.” - KERRANG!

“Taking the stage, you would have never guessed that something coming from one man with a few synths, could sound so huge. Crouching towards us with massive stage presence equal parts Peter Murphy and Iggy Pop, Curse Mackey cast a spell on the crowd.…primal, raw, and riveting." - ALTVENGER MAGAZINE

“A very dance floor orientated album filled with extremely catchy, electronic wonders” - AUXILIARY MAGAZINE

“Instant Exorcism must qualify as one of the artist’s proudest moments as it’s simply a perfect blend of industrial, EBM, and synthwave” - REGEN MAGAZINE

If Instant Exorcism was Curse Mackey laying down the foundation for his expression as a solo artist, Immoral Emporium is the veritable fortress that he has built upon it, its armaments a formidable array of the best elements of goth/industrial. Bravo, Mr. Mackey! - REGEN MAGAZINE

“This sounds like post coital breathing mixed with rebellion.” - SOUNDS AND SHADOWS



I Speak Machine (Los Angeles, CA)

"I Speak Machine’s "War” aggressively lashes out on tracks like the titular ‘War’ or ‘The Metal Of My Hell’. It’s where Goldfrapp might have gone if they had decided to eschew more of their glamour for leather-studded belligerence. A standout release. “ - ELECTRONIC SOUND

"Ever-so-rarely an artist comes along to stir your subconscious and redefine the unconventional. I Speak Machine—the experimental music and audio-visual project of Tara Busch and Maf Lewis–is here to show us the way"

Tara Busch is a Los Angeles - based writer, performer, film composer & producer. In 2013, she co-founded the audio/ visual project I Speak Machine with filmmaker/writer Maf Lewis. In 2022, I Speak Machine released their album WAR, and the album was accompanied by an iconic series of videos, directed & created by Maf Lewis.

I Speak Machine brought the WAR album to the stage in 2022, touring extensively with electronic music legend Gary Numan for his 35-date US tour and 15 dates in the EU.

So far in 2023, ISM supported the iconic grunge queens L7 on five dates, IAMX on two dates of their US tour, as well as several headline shows in the PNW and Los Angeles.

Centered around key tracks from the WAR album, Tara’s unique stage persona and performance was carefully conceived as an extension of the subject matter and artistic design of the album. It was vital that the show reflect the album’s intense anger & beauty, while keeping the darkly tongue-in-cheek undercurrents intact. Tara commands the stage alone, donning a range of costumes including pointed leather crowns, military inspired harnesses and uniforms, and vintage cherry-red jumpsuits.

Shifting in an instant between harrowing, unhinged shrieks to stratospheric, operatic swoops, her performance is wild yet entrancing, featuring dreamlike interludes on her beloved synthesizers to offset the mayhem. The performance is most accurately described by a fan as “Nina Hagen meets Norma Desmond in a head-on collision with Lux Interior.

Tara is currently working on the follow-up to WAR, again co-produced by herself and Dean Honer of I Monster.



SINE (Austin, Texas)

Austin, Texas’ electronic/alternative rock band, SINE (pronounced like ‘sign’, written in all caps), is the brainchild of drummer/multi-instrumentalist, Rona Rougeheart (pronounced roo͞zh•härt)

In April, 2019, she landed a direct support slot for Peter Murphy in Orlando, FL for the 40th Anniversary of Bauhaus Ruby Tour with David J. The night seemed ill-fated when Peter was unable to perform, but was revitalized when she joined David J, Curse Mackey, Mark Gemini-Thwaite and Marc Slutsky for an impromptu performance of Bauhaus tunes.

November 2019: SINE performs alongside David J, Curse Mackey and Heather Pauwe

In 2021, SINE collaborated with Meat Beat Manifesto to release a new remix and video created by Rona and Jack Dangers. She also worked with legendary producer, Adrian Sherwood, on a SINE remix, which led to her working on new music with his daughter, Denise Sherwood. She continues to write new music and work on collaborations.

October 2022.: SINE is chosen as the cover story feature of Procession Magazine

March 2023: SINE is chosen as an official showcasing artist for SXSW 2023 in Austin, TX

Signing with eMERGENCY heARTS saw SINE collaborations with:
Adrian Sherwood (Tackhead), Meat Beat Manifesto, Clan of Xymox, Leæther Strip, Mark Stewart (The Pop Group), Mark Pistel (Consolidated), Andee Blacksugar (KMFDM, Blondie)

Played shows with:
Nitzer Ebb, David J /Peter Murphy (Bauhaus 40 Year Celebration), She Wants Revenge, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Patriarchy, 3Teeth, Curse Mackey, Twin Tribes, MVTANT, Wingtips, AL1CE, Kanga, Urban Heat